Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Download N Go!!

Download N Go is having it's 1st Birthday this week! WOOHOO!! What a better way to celebrate by having a Birthday Bash!!! (I love Birthdays!!)
So to celebrate they are having a CONTEST on their blog. ** drum-roll please** There are going to be 20 winners and the prize is... Wait for it...keep waiting... ok I can't keep you waiting any more. It's FUDGE (aka chocolate to us women)!!! Winners will receive 1lb of Fudge from Fudge by Design! YUMMY!!!
Also, there will be special deals EVERY day this week! So feel free to stop by and wish Download N Go a Happy 1st Birthday!

Download N Go Blog Post about the Contest

Download N Go Deal Page

The Contest and ALL specials end on Saturday, October the 9th.

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