Friday, June 17, 2011

Attitude Adjustment...

Illness here, illness there, illness everywhere!  It's amazing how fast an illness can spread through a family.  All it takes is one person to bring in a germ.  The germ then multiplies and spreads from one person to the next.  No matter how often you wash your hands, disinfect your house, it will inevitably go through the family.  This often makes for several days, weeks or even months of illness traveling through your family.

Now there are physical illnesses that spread through a family but something that is even more prominent is how we act and respond to each other.  Our Attitude.  It starts with one person.  It starts with me.  Mom.  I am the one who sets the tone for each day.  Whether I like it or not, I am responsible for the tone of the day.  Often I forget this and tend to blame the proverbial "bad day" on the way the children are or aren't behaving.  

It is hard to be mom, wife, teacher and to admit that takes a lot of courage.  Fortunately, there are women out there who are mentors to those of us who need encouragement through the rough days.  Lorrie Flem is one of them.  


The past couple of weeks I got to listen to 2 of Lorrie's .mp3's.  The first I listened to was Keys to a Queenly Castle and the 2nd was Attitude Adjustments.  Let me say that in listening to these I was not only encouraged but convicted as well.  I realized that I was letting my attitude control me instead of me controlling my attitude.

Not only am I responsible for me, but I am responsible for my family.  I am responsible for the attitude in my household.  The talks given by Lorrie are so helpful.  I will be listening to them again as I want to write down her suggestions!  

In Attitude Adjustments, she offers 26 ways to help with your attitude.  Lorrie gives the A-Z's and they are wonderful ways that I will be implementing in my own house.  I need to get my attitude right if I expect my family to have the correct attitude.

I hope that you will go to and checkout these 2 talks by Lorrie.  They are wonderful and will bless you.  They start at $6.95 for the mp3 and area also available on CD as well.

Join me and the other Gabby Moms at as we review these and other products.  This is such an awesome group of ladies.  :)

Now for some fun.  Lorrie is doing a giveaway!  This is a great way for a chance to win one of Lorrie's talks!  :)  I love free things and I bet you do to.  

So here are the rules for the giveaway.

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  1. I've thought of this a lot over the years of being Mom in my home, how my attitude really sets the tone for the day, and also the tone of our evening when my hubby arrives home from work. Nice review!

    fellow Gabby Mom

  2. My favourite was Attitude Adjustments :)

  3. I never thought of our attitude as being contagious! One of the many things to contemplate from this, huh?

    Great review!