Saturday, April 7, 2012

Eternal Encouragement Magazine Review

I love getting mail.  It's kind of like the highlight of my day.  (yes, even if there are bills, it's still mail)  So, Saturday, March 10th, we were leaving the house and I checked the mail before we left.  And to my surprise (mainly because I wasn't due to receive the magazine yet) was my copy of the Eternal Encouragement magazine for March's review!  I nearly jumped out of my seat in the car.  My husband can verify this as he was shocked how quickly I moved for being 30wks pregnant at the time.  :)

So as you can understand, I was quite thrilled to get a copy of the Eternal Encouragement in my hands.  That said, it took me about a week to get the time to read the magazine.  Joys of motherhood.  ;)

In reading the magazine, I will say that it was quite time appropriate for me as it dealt with the keeping of your home.  Something I try so hard to do, but always come up quite short.  Right now I am pregnant with our 4th child.  I homeschool our boys as well.  I try to save money wherever I can, which includes making my own laundry detergent, cloth diaper our youngest (as well as the new little one when she arrives), try to make meals that do not have a lot of processed foods, cut coupons when I can and also keep the house in running order.  It's no short task that mothers have!  Whether you are able to stay at home or you work outside the home (which I did do for several years).  It is not an easy thing to do.

Each different article in the EE magazine had a different point of view.  But each one in their own way was refreshing to me!  Especially in knowing that I am not the only one who struggles with this dilemma.  The suggestions that were offered were given out of love and a desire to help others.  They have all been where I am at one point or another.  Being able to relate to the authors of the articles is a great help to me.  

Some things that I Love about this magazine:
~ Each authors perspective on the subject of the magazine (This particular magazine was about keeping the home)
~ It's small enough to take with me in my purse so I can get some reading in while waiting at the bus stop, Taekwondo classes, co-op for the kids, doctors office, etc.
~ You can get it in a digital subscription!  (for those of you who like less paper floating around your house)
~ The people who write it are REAL and they truly do care about women.  (awesome to know that)
~ It keeps God first!  (this is the biggie right here!)
~ I love that I can go back to each article and re-read it.  (very important for the forgetful pregnant lady right now) 
~ The pictures and artwork are just beautiful for this magazine. 

The EE Magazine is published 4 times a year in a compact but beautiful magazine.  

The Digital subscription it is published 8 times a year.  Plus there are publishing full magazine articles online for you to read with a variety of topics!  :)  And, right now on the subscription page you get the following:
  • The CURRENT Issue* as an electronic download, so you can start reading right away!
  • An instant download of our E-Book "King of our Castle"
  • All 2 year subscriptions also include Our popular "Family Fun Night" Mini Bundle
Print Subscriptions start at $19.97 and Electronic Subscriptions start at $12.97

** I was given this product in exchange for my honest review of the product and was not compensated in any other way.


  1. Nicely done. I like how you included what you receive with a sub.

  2. I love so many of the same things. Soo hard to write all the wonderful things about this magazine without making a run on blog post!


  3. very nice review :-) and I agree completely... there was not a bad article in the entire magazine