Thursday, June 14, 2012

Body after Babies

Before I had my wonderful children, I had what I shall say was a rather curvy or voluptuous figure.  I get it from my dad's side of the family.  The women on that side have curvy figures.  I never had an issue with my curves until after I had my children.  When they say your hips change, boy do they mean it!  My hips went from a nice 38 to whopping 53!  This is not only because of how the hips spread out to prepare for the baby to pass through but also because of the weight I put on.

So when I found out I was expecting baby #4, I knew I wanted to do something to remedy the spreading that the hips do for labor while I was losing the weight.  It was blind luck that I saw an ad (either online or in a magazine) for ShrinkxHips.  I was curious enough to pin it to my pinterest board for later. 

Fast-forward about 6 months and I finally looked into the ShrinkxHips product.  They have 2 different kinds.  The Basic one is just a one-size fits up to 50 inches band that goes around the hips to apply pressure and put them back in place.  The Ultra lets you adjust how much pressure you want on your hips and also comes in 2 sizes.  I chose the Ultra because I really wanted to see a change in my hips. Plus, with the Ultra you get the wrap that is made to wear 12+hours a day, a tape measure & chart to track your progress. 

Now the science behind this product.  When you are pregnant and your body is preparing for the delivery of your bundle of joy, it makes a hormone called Relaxin.  This helps soften and loosen the joints so they can expand during labor and delivery as the baby moves through your birth canal.  Well this wonderful hormone stays in your system for up to 8 weeks after delivery.  That is the BEST time to wear your wrap as it takes advantage of that hormone being in your system.  You wear it all day while sitting (cause it counteracts the pressure on your hips while sitting that spread your hips out more), walking and if you really want you can wear it while sleeping though it's not necessary.

It is now 4 weeks after I have had my 4th child.  I didn't wear the wrap for the first 2 weeks due to being in pain from having our daughter.  So I started on week 3.  My hips measured 53-54 inches.  :(  But after the first week I went down to a 48!  That is almost 6 inches!  I was amazed!  Week 2 and it is down to 47inches.  I probably won't notice much in the hip area as I still have to lose a good bit of weight as well and that extra padding around my hips makes it a little harder to notice the shrinking.  But I am still impressed and going to use the ShrinkxHips wrap the remainder of my 4 weeks and probably longer because it is also great for support! 

So, if you are looking to get back into your "skinny" jeans and it seems like your hips are just not like they were before you had your little one, I highly recommend the ShrinkxHips wrap! 

**Please note that you can only use this within the 8 week window after having your baby.  Do not use while pregnant.  I am not a doctor, just a mom looking to get healthy after having 4 children and I want to share what has helped me in my journey.  Also, this is my honest, unbiased opinion.  I was not compensated in any way.  I actually paid for this product and would gladly do so again. 

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