Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hitting a MAJOR snafu!

Well, all was going fairly well 2weeks ago.  I had been working out again, watching what I was eating and managed to lose 5lbs again.  Then last Saturday, I made beef fajitas.  YUMMY!  They were awesome!  Then at 3am I was awakened by a stabbing pain in my right ribcage.  I thought it was gas from the food I had the night before.  Took several maalox, dealt with a 2 year old who wasn't sleepy, and went back to bed.  It was less, but I was exhausted.  So I stayed home from church with the 2 youngest kids.  Once my husband got home I got to rest again and then I got ready for the afternoon ahead.  We had a family day event at the church and then a meeting there regarding a purchase the church wanted to make.  While at church, I felt the pain building in my ribcage again.  So I thought it was gas building.  I quietly waited through the meeting with my daughter in the ergo and once it was over I took 3 of the kids to the car.  I was in so much pain I barely made it there without crying.  By the time my husband brought the youngest son to the van I was in so much pain I was crying.  Please note, I have had 4 children, all natural and 2 without ANY pain meds whatsoever!  I know what real pain is like and this was real pain.  When we got home I went to bed, laid down and took more maalox (thinking it was again gas).  It did eventually subside but I decided to be even more careful with what I was eating. 

By Monday the pain was still not gone and a friend suggested that she thought it could be my gall bladder.  So we both did some research and I decided to try a cleanse to help my gall bladder.  The cleanse started Tuesday and it was in my mind that if for whatever reason it didn't work that I would then go to the hospital.  I had also started to yellow (which is not a good thing) but I wanted to give the cleanse a chance.  So all day Tuesday I did the protocol for the cleanse and that night went to bed expecting to wake up in pain from the stones being passed through my bile duct and out of the gall bladder.  I had told my husband that if nothing happened that he would need to stay home so I could go to the hospital on Wednesday.  So Wednesday morning, I woke up...nothing, no pain, nada.  No stones moved at all.  To make matters worse, I was even more yellow in color.  That was the breaking point.  I had to do something.  So I arranged care for the boys and took my daughter with me and my husband to the hospital.

At the hospital ER they took blood to run tests, sent me for an ultrasound and I waited...Then 2 doctors came in to my ER room.  One had a coat that had "General Surgery" written on it.  This did not seem good.  They explained that my liver numbers and some other numbers were elevated and that most likely I would need to have surgery to remove the gall bladder.  They were also admitting me to the hospital.  I was told that I needed to not eat anything (which was fine by me cause anything I ate made the pain worse).  It turns out fats can aggravate an already irritated gall bladder.  Then I was put on nothing by mouth.  :( 

So from Wednesday morning to Saturday afternoon, I had nothing to eat (and for at least 24 hours I had no liquid of any sort by mouth).  Now you may think that cruel, but my liver levels and pancreas levels spiked and they needed to do something to bring those down.  I have been hooked up to an IV during that entire period. 

To top things off I am still breastfeeding and they had to up my IV intake to make up that difference as well.  Well Saturday morning they drew my blood and the levels dropped dramatically!  EPIC WIN!  I was waiting to see if I could at least have some ice chips as that was a sanity keeper for me.  The doctors came in and said that they would check with my main surgeon.  Around noon I was given the all clear for a clear liquid diet!  WOOHOO!!!  This includes broth, Italian ice, coffee, tea, and even pop!  (which I am not doing due to the fact the carbonation makes gas bubbles)  My first meal in the hospital was veggie broth, raspberry Italian ice and apple juice.  Oh my was that heaven! 

So, now it's Sunday & I am in the hospital awaiting surgery on Monday.  I do not recommend the "Gall Bladder Issue" diet (as my one sister-in-law called it).  I have no clue how much (if any)weight I have lost.  I can't wait to get home and resume eating food.  Though even then I have to watch my fat content as the gall bladder is what helps break down the fat content.  I will be researching info today about what all I can make that is lower fat than what you can buy in the store.  I also can't wait to get home to exercise.  My legs are aching as they are keeping me on bed rest pretty much while in the hospital.  And I am also getting heparin shots to make sure I don't get any blood clots.  (not fun and my thighs have bruises now) 

I know I will be starting slow while in recovery but I am looking forward to breaking out of the hospital (hopefully on Tuesday) and being in my own home.

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