Sunday, January 13, 2013

A new beginning

Well we did it.  The whole family is participating in this new lifestyle change.  We are going to be adjusting a Paleo lifestyle.  More raw fruits and veggies.  Lean meats, good fats, more exercise and just really trying to absorb and adjust to everything.  The main challenge is that some of the foods are nuts.  While my husband and I are ok with them, our children have allergies to them.  :-/  This is the biggest challenge for us.  But we can overcome it! 

I was in the store today looking for coconut flour and this lady (I have no idea who she is) came up to me and asked if we were doing low-carb.  I said we were doing the Paleo lifestyle which is similar to low-carb but different in ways.  She said that she and her husband started 2 years ago doing low-carb and she went from a 4x to a 14.  She said she wanted to encourage me in my journey and that it would be one of the best decisions to make for my family.  A healthier lifestyle. 

It was so nice to get encouragement, if even from a stranger.  To the stranger who talked to me, thank you.  Your words of encouragement and kindness mean more than you will know. 

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