Monday, February 18, 2013


Ever have the grand idea to move the children to the smaller room so you can use the 3rd bedroom for the "school room".  Well it was really more of where we would keep all things school.  It was a good idea!  Well for at least 2 months...Then we found out we were expecting baby #4! 

HAHAHA!!  I know.  I hear you laughing right along with me.  So I said that as soon as the baby was born we would put the boys back in the bigger bedroom and the baby would get her own room.

Fast-forward 9 months after birth of said baby.  We are JUST NOW getting to this!  How did we accumulate so much stuff?!?  I guess between toys, clothing, books, toys, clothing and books, then add in all the baby girl stuff, yeah, we have a lot!

What I thought would be a 1 day project turned into mass chaos!  I was SOOO naive to think that it would be done in 1 day.  Then I figured 2 days.  Well, 2 days later and now we have to organize the things from 1 bedroom in the 2nd bedroom.  Fortunately it works as the baby still sleeps in our room!  But not for much longer.  Though I will admit to missing her when she goes to her own room.

So, now I get to decide what colors I want the baby's room.  :)  I have her bed set.  It's pinks and browns and so hopefully something along those lines for her room. 

The boys are in their room.  Jonathan got a new loft bed with a desk underneath.  It actually looks pretty good there.  Now to just finish moving the things out of there room that don't belong.  Which fortunately isn't much. 

But our 3 day weekend turned into mass chaos due to a project that I honestly thought was going to be much shorter.  Should have listened to the hubby.  ;)  He was definitely the wiser of both of us about this one. 

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