Sunday, February 3, 2013

How things are going...

Well to be quite honest, things are ok.  Not perfect but ok.  We stick to the new Paleo lifestyle about 75% of the time.  I am still trying to find good recipes to use during lunches and breakfasts as we are home all day.  I absolutely HATE when I don't plan and we use a short cut food.  :(  I will admit to not being perfect.  But I try my hardest!

I am also learning to try new things and to get my family to try new things.  Something we have done is made homemade chicken nuggets!  YUMMY!!  My first attempt didn't go as good as I wanted it to due to not having the correct ingredients.  But it worked.  And now that I do have all the ingredients I need they are even better.  I will post the recipe this week.  :)

I also made some avocado stuffed burgers that I saw over on the Civilized Caveman blog.  I now have a folder with Paleo blogs, recipes and more.  Not only have we been switching over to healthier eating, but also how we heal our bodies as well.

I know a lot of healing comes from nutrition.  I have noticed a BIG difference in when I eat something with grains vs when I don't have any.  My body totally reacts to me eating them so for now, I am going to try my hardest to avoid them.  Between the headaches (migraine like), bloating, and overall sick feeling, I am now wondering if I have been sensitive to them all my life.  I have also seen a change in my kids too.  It's all good!

I am getting better at my meal planning and making sure I have the things I need for my meals.  This way I don't get caught.  It's not an easy change, but it has been well worth it in my family.  I can't wait to see even more changes. 

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