Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Groundhog..

Well, apparently Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow!  This is supposed to mean an early spring!  :)  If you live in the northern states this may be good news to you.  It also might not be. 

I have mixed feelings.  Last year the bugs were HORRIBLE cause the weather didn't say cold long enough to kill bugs and such.  This made our summer miserable with all types of bugs.  Our least favorite being the infamous stink bug!  Every time one would get spotted in the house, our then two-year old would scream "STINK BUG" at the top of his lungs!  This was quite often and would wake up his newborn sister.  ;-/ 

Every stink bug got a burial at sea (aka the toilet).  Everyone that was in the house was present.  Quite a somber time in the house.  ;) 

So that is one reason I don't mind it being cold and snowy at this point.  That said, I HATE to drive in the snow, ice or any winter precipitation!  In December of 2009, we were driving to church and it was raining.  Well, that's what we thought.  As we approached one hill, we notice everyone was stopping.  The rain was turning to ICE as soon as it hit the road!  There was probably 1/8th of an inch but it was enough.  We stopped, waited, thought it was safe to move again and wound up doing a 180-degree rotation.  We were now facing the wrong direction!  to make matters worse, not every vehicle was stopping!  Even semi-trucks!  So we had to somehow get to the median.  Which we did.  I was stressing, my husband was stressing.  I was also 8months pregnant at the time.  We couldn't switch seats due to it being so slick outside.  It took almost an hour for it to warm up enough so the roads would thaw and we could drive home.  Another incident happened Christmas 2010 and we were going to my grandmother's house and didn't make it due to sliding on a slick patch of slush and hitting an embankment.  We never made it to Christmas dinner at her house.  :(  Do you see why I hate to drive in the winter? 

One hand wants spring to come early and the other wants it to stay cold and wintery till the appropriate time so all the buggies are killed really good and we don't have a major infestation like last year. 

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