Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Sound of Music

As I write this, I have the movie "The Sound of Music" on in the background.  I see homeschooling being done but without text books.  Now granted, they give a high overview of the von Trapp family's life but one can definitely assume that they were either homeschooled or privately tutored (basically the same thing).

When I see how Maria took over and let the kids have fun, they learned.  They enjoyed learning and they learned a wealth of skills.  They were outside of the house learning.  Singing in a field, climbing the mountians of Austria.  I can imagine the lessons that she gave them as she took them out of their house.  The love of learning they had by experiencing things. 

I often struggle in my own school days with the kids to let them experience things.  The fear of a huge mess is one (especially with paint or play-dough), and also the thought of taking 4 kids out of the house.  But then I see Maria who took 7 children out of the house and was all over the area in which they lived. 

She enjoyed the children and let them enjoy life, the area and learning.  What a lesson we can learn from this movie on how to not only enjoy homeschooling, but also our children. 

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