Friday, March 8, 2013

Biggest Loser Challenge

Well, I am doing something completely outside of my comfort zone!  I am doing a weightloss challenge!!  AHHH!!!  Along with diet changes, I am doing the Biggest Loser Challenge at a local exercise studio. 

We had our first meeting, weigh-in, measurements, exercise time...  It was really hard to see the numbers for my measurements and weight.  (Though I had a fair idea where I would be for my weight) 

I need to do this though.  For me, for my family!  I want to be around for my children and grand-children and hopefully great grand-children.  (I have some relatives who have made it to 104yrs)  I can't do that though unless I am healthy!  So this is for them too. 

It's for me because I haven't taken care of myself and I can't keep up with my children.  I can't even do the 3 minute step test without taking a break.  :(  I have a LOT of work to do. 

This challenge started March 3rd and ends the Sunday before Mothers Day (May 5th I think).  I will be posting my before and after picture then as well as numbers.  My weight & measurements will all be out there. 

This week started slow, had a good middle, but then my kids decided to share their colds with me.  :-/  What's a mom to do?!?  Oiy.  I didn't exercise yesterday due to feeling really crappy and a baby that needed her mama.  Every kid has a cough and congestion.  Hopefully we can all kick this bug soon! 

On a side note, Spring is JUST around the corner!  I for one can't wait!  I don't mind winter as it kills all the pests but it needs to be over...NOW!!!  So on that note, I will end this update. 

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