Thursday, April 11, 2013

Challenge half-way point

So I survived without a meeting last week.  My weight stayed the same (well I gained 2tenths of a pound), but I knew I wasn't exactly good.  The holiday brought all that good food and sweets and once I had the sweets, my body craved more of them!  UGH!  That was the worst!  Craving sweets and fighting the urge to go eat every sweet in the house. 

Then there was the baby shower this past Saturday.  Oh dear goodness...It wasn't pretty.  I knew I had gained from the March 24th weigh-in.  So I should have been better than I was on Saturday.  But my flesh caved and I over did it.  Then I felt like crap later!  ugh!

Sunday was weigh-in and meeting day.  I found out I gained 2 tenths of a pound.  Not a lot, but still a gain.  :(  Then Monday and Tuesday have been crazy.  Baby doesn't sleep, so mommy doesn't sleep and that makes me want to eat to cope with the lack of energy...then I feel guilty due to eating too much! 

Tonight (Wednesday) I walked my 3 miles.  This is after the migraine of doom finally left me!  Gotta love spring weather changes.  I am apparently still the human barometer.  So tomorrow will be better, why, because I am choosing to make it better!  I can do this and I WILL Do this!

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