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Helping Hearts with Healing Hands - Review

I am going to share a story with you today. 

Many moons ago I lived in the great state of Tennessee.  I have a wonderful family there (and across several other states as well).  I grew up having my mom's parents at every event.  Birthday, Christmas, Easter, VBS, Sister being born and well, you get the picture.  They were ever present. 

It was convenient that they only lived about 2 hours away.  (when the speed limit was 55.  now 90 minutes since the speed limit was raised)  ;) We loved having them so near. 

So in 1994 my grandfather had a heart attack.  It was one of the scariest things in the world to get that news.  The next scariest thing was to see my grandfather hooked up to all sorts of tubes. 

The doctors told him he had to dramatically change his lifestyle.  He probably lost around 80-100lbs.  He was no longer the teddy bear that I knew growing up.  More like a shell of his old self.

Well, 3 years passed and he had a stroke.  He was in the hospital and that was when they discovered that he had lung cancer.  They decided to operate and take part of a lung.  They wound up taking 1 whole lung and half of another.  He was working through recovery when he caught pneumonia in the hospital.

He was hooked up to so many tubes and had a ventilator keeping him breathing.  But he wasn't getting any better.  My sister, dad and I left the hospital he was at and went back to our home.  I went back to work to keep my mind off of things. 

Then my dad called and said that the decision was made to take my grandfather off the ventilator.  I lost it and went to the back room to cry and asked my co-worker to call my dad and ask him to come get me. 

Once I was home my mom called and said that this would be the last time we would be able to talk to my grandfather.  So even though he was unconscious my sister and I sang to him.  We sang the song he would always sing to us.  You are my Sunshine.  I cried after we sang it and then did the things that I knew needed done around the house to help my mom out since she wasn't there.

We got the call just after midnight that he went to be with the Lord.  I cried even more that night and fell asleep doing so.  The next few days are a blur.  I stayed with my father and sister till the funeral.  That was the hardest thing.  Seeing him in the casket...It was like he was asleep.  The graveside service was just as hard. 

I remember all the cards and hugs and condolences we got.  People were so kind during that really hard time for my family.  I remember they brought food over to my grandmother's house and did little things for her to help. 

So why do you get this story when you are looking for a review about a product by Lorrie Flem.  Her book, Helping Hearts with Healing Hands is all about how to help someone when they are grieving. 

I am thinking that some of you reading this have probably lost someone very close to you.  Maybe it was a parent, grandparent, sibling, or friend.  You may even know how much of a blessing it was  to be comforted and taken care of those days.

Now I am also fairly certain that you know someone who has lost someone close to them.  Do you get as tongue tied as I do when trying to extend your sympathies?  I have the most horrible time trying to say how sorry I am but to also be sympathetic.  Writing cards is something I really am not good at when it comes to grief.  I don't want to say the wrong thing and come off looking insensitive.

In reading Helping harts with Healing Hands, I was so glad to see such wonderful ideas of how to help those who are grieving.  From the best way to word a card (something that I struggle with doing), to tips about providing meals to the grieving.  There are even recipes in the back if you need an idea.

Lorrie has a desire to help women.  Whether it's in their mothering, being a Godly wife, teaching or a friend.  She has that desire to help others. 

I really appreciated the tender care that was taken in writing this book.  It is such a hard subject to tackle but it was done with grace and kindness. 

One of the things I actually enjoy doing is cooking a meal for a family in a time of need.  Whether it is due to a birth, hospital stay, or even a death.  Providing something in a time of need is something that I feel I can do to help out someone in need.  Someone who may not be able to take complete care of themselves or their family at the time. 

The tough situations are when there is a death.  I get tongue tied on what to say when I see the family and even when writing cards.  But the suggestions on what to say and what to avoid are very helpful.  Lorrie even suggests sending the card a little bit later so that the family member will have it on a day that they may be feeling down.  To know they are being thought of is a kind gesture that is definitely needed.  Especially a couple of weeks after the funeral.

I really think that this is an essential e-book to have.  It is something I plan to keep on my Kindle so I can reference it quickly during a need that might come up.  I am so thankful that Lorrie took the time to write it.

Here is a quick list of some topics covered in this book.
  • What to say and what not to say
  • What kind of meals to take and what to avoid
  • Timing when sending condolences
  • Recipe ideas

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