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Training Them in Truth - A Gabby Mom Review

Eternal Encouragement was started by Lorrie Flem in 1998.  It was actually quite by accident that she started a magazine but people were asking for her advice and she started writing about it and viola!  A magazine was born.  It started as a print magazine and is now an online magazine!  Lorrie has a desire to help women.  As a mother of 8 children (5 boys and 3 girls) she has definitely seen quite a bit and knows the struggles we all face.  She also homeschools her children and knows the needs of homeschooling mothers.  It is not an easy road and she wants to encourage women in their roles as wife, mother and teacher.  Her products are designed to do just that.  Encourage women!
So we were able to choose the product we wanted to review this time around!  What an awesome treat but also responsibility.  I chose the item Training Them in Truth.
  The Bible talks a lot about the truth.  In fact it is one of the 10 Commandments.  It is also in the book of Proverbs quite a bit!   This
e-booklet is a great way to help you in that task. 
I will say this, in the intro a point is made that we must follow through.  We can't expect change in the heart and behavior if we don't follow through with what we are teaching our children.  Something else is consistency.  It sure is hard to be consistent.  Especially when you are tired, frustrated and it is easier to let the child have their way.  I know I struggle with both of these.  I also took away that we need to live what we teach.  If we want our children to behave a certain way, then we sure better be setting the example. 
It's not easy.  But no one ever said that motherhood would be easy!  It is probably one of the hardest jobs out there.  Being on call 24/7/365 (sometimes 366)  However, that is not an excuse to not do the best of our ability. 
In Training Them in Truth, Lorrie discusses 9 points.  (she talks about tackling them one at a time in the introduction)  There were a few that we have really been struggling with in our house that I plan on working with our children on.  The top ones would be to control their Actions, Attitudes & Tongues and to also be obedient.
Now I know I have an issue with the tongue, so I will definitely be working on myself before I work on my kids with it.  But hopefully while I am working on the others, they will see that I am trying really hard on training my tongue and that example will show them how they should be and they will know that it can be done.
Lorrie has such a way of putting things so as to help you as a mom.  She doesn't berate or make you feel bad.  She wants you to succeed.  She knows the importance of motherhood and because of this she writes these e-books. 
She suggests that when training for obedience you start right away!  Children are always learning.  I can even tell my now 11 month old knows the meaning of the word no.  She is also learning that mommy means business when she says to not do something.  I will say that I wasn't consistent nor did I always follow through when I was training and teaching my children when I was a new parent.  I was very naïve in my thinking.
Now after 11 years of parenting and 4 children, I definitely agree with what Lorrie says about training children to be obedient.  Starting right away (I typically start once they are able to move and get into things) and being consistent and following through!  Those are a must!  There is more in the booklet, but those stuck out to me.
Next we will be working on our actions, attitudes and tongues.  This will be one of our biggest challenges.  I have 2 very strong willed boys and a son who is more inwardly defiant (he is like I was as a child).  Our daughter, well she is definitely opinionated!  Even at 11months old she lets herself be known to the world.  It is NOT my goal to get rid of the strong will of my children, but for them to learn to control it! 
Lorrie offers lots of insight to these topics and more in Teach Them in Truth.  I definitely plan on working each topic covered as I know it will benefit not only me, but my children.  I want to raise Godly boys and girls.  I want children who when challenged will be able to stand in Truth! 
The best way to stand in the truth is to teach them and train them in these things.  They need to be obedient.  They need to control their actions, tongue and attitudes.  They also need to know there is behavior appropriate for every place.  From home to the car to church or anywhere outside of the house.  We must be diligent as mothers (fathers too) to train and teach our children!  We must also realize that we can't do this alone.  We must pray daily and ask for guidance from God who is our Heavenly Father.  What better example do we have of obedience than that of Jesus Christ! 
I am so glad that I chose this e-booklet.  It has been such a help to me.
If you would like to purchase Training Them in Truth click here.  It is $3.97. 
 ** I was given this product in exchange for my honest review of the product and was not compensated in any other way. 

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