Monday, May 6, 2013

I did it!

If you had asked me a year ago to participate in a Biggest Loser Challenge, I probably would have laughed in your face.  First of all, 1 year ago, was pregnant with baby #4 and she was due in 10 days.  Secondly, I thought I didn't need it.  Being honest here.  I figured I could get myself back into shape on my own.  See that word "my", that word was the problem.

Well, I wound up having Cordelia on the 15th of May and recovered fairly well.  Then I had a major health problem come up in August that put me in the hospital for 6 days and an unplanned surgery.  Laproscopic surgery might be less invasive but recovering is still hard!  Even more hard than the recover from four 9lb+ babies!  (yes, my babies have weighed more than 9lbs at birth...largest was 11)

Not really recovering well from surgery and already unhealthy habits, I started to gain any weight I had lost post pregnancy.  (I had lost nearly 30lbs)  I was getting toward my heaviest while pregnant weight (a whopping 260+lbs).  I had no motivation to work out or eat healthy.  I was tired and sad and really probably depressed in many ways.  I wouldn't say it was clinical depression but just a blue feeling that would come and go. 

So I tried to exercise on my own, but had no desire to do so.  I was miserable and it was now past the holidays and I had hit 250+lbs again.

I had seen a friend post about a studio near me that had Zumba classes.  Now, I am not coordinated (well at least not as much as I used to be) and when I imagine myself doing zumba I am more of the Ace Ventura at this point.


So I looked to see what other classes they had and I saw a Yoga one.  YES!  That I could do!  Well I went and really enjoyed it.  I also saw a promo for their upcoming Biggest Loser challenge that started in March.  I asked my husband if we could afford me to do it.

I really wanted something to change.  I NEEDED the change!  My body had carried 3 children over the past 5 years.  30lbs worth of baby total and my body didn't recover in between.

My stamina was gone and my endurance was zilch.  But I went with the naïve thought that I wasn't as bad off as I thought. 

The first 2 weeks were torture.  Week one we did our tests to see how many push-ups & sit-ups we could do.  The 3 minute step test...oh my gosh!!!  Then week 2 was our first actual workout.  I so didn't realize just how far I had fallen off the wagon. 

So I stepped it up and started walking with my Leslie Sansone DVD.  I started with 2 miles and then quickly went to 3.  I maintained my 3 miles throughout the entire challenge and on occasion did the 3 mile walk twice. 

There were still times that I contemplated quitting.  Yes, miss natural childbirth 4x over contemplated quitting something.  But I pushed through it.  Even when I maintained my weight or gained a little bit...Yes, that did happen.

All in all I lost 8lbs (that's good!) and I lost inches, increased my endurance and stamina.

So here are my measurements (yes I am really going to post them).  I will also be posting pics as soon as I get them from the Challenge Leader, Dawn.  ;)

All measurements are in inches

Measurements:          Beginning             End             Difference
Chest                          46                          45.25          - .75
Bust                           49.75                      47.75          -2
Waist                         46.25                      45.5            -.75
Hips                           52                           51              -1
Thigh (R)                  29.5                         28.5           -1  
Thigh (L)                  28.75                       27.25         -1.5
Calf (R)                    17.75                       16.25         -1.5
Calf (L)                    18                            17.5            -.5
Arm (R)                    18                            17.5           -.5 
Arm (L)                    18.25                       17.5           -.75

Weight                      252.4lb                   244.2lb       - 8.2lb
Body Fat %                 30.9%                     28.2%       -2.7%

So there you have it!  I lost 10.25 inches from my body!  10.25!!  That's just AMAZING to me!  Then to lose 8.2lbs!  8.2!!!  And yes it's not "biggest loser style losing" but it's SAFE and will probably stay off longer.  I just have to keep up with the new healthy habits I learned through this journey!  :)

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