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Doorposts - Because You are Strong {REVIEW}

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I have been a long time user of Doorposts products.  My sister-in-law, Julianne, introduced them to me when Jonathan was young.  They have many character training, child rearing, parenting help types of items.  Most if not all of them come from the Forster family.  We have seen great success in implementing a lot of the tools they have to offer.

It came as no surprise to me to know they were working on a Bible Study geared toward 6-12 grades.  It can be used for younger boys but with parental guidance.  The book is titled "Because You are Strong: A Study of Godly Strength for Young Men" by Daniel Forster.  It is a soft-cover book and has 100 pages geared towards young men.  There are alternate questions to be used if your daughter were to do this study.  Girls do need strength as well, but the questions in the main portion of the book are geared towards boys.  It is nice that Daniel includes this alternative should your daughter choose to use it.

So I want to start by telling you that this summer seems to be the summer for the Armor of God studies.  My husband and I led an Armor of God study at a family camp at the end of July (which was when this book arrived at our house).  Then our children participated in a Vacation Bible School at a friends church that dealt with the Armor of God as well.

 photo because-you-are-strong_zps09c21e6d.jpgNow you may be thinking, does this Bible Study cover the Armor of God?  Well, not really.  But I think what the boys, especially Jonathan, learned about the Armor of God tied in perfectly with the 11 lessons that are in this guide. 

Each lesson deals with different passages of scripture.  Topics cover Strength for the Race, Strength with no limits, Strength & Wisdom, Strength & Temptation, Strength to be Valiant and 5 more topics plus a review.

From Hebrews to Proverbs, character studies, a study of Jesus' Actions in one of the Gospels this book covers all the aspects of strength. 

Each lesson has a 5 day plan.  I liked this because it made it so that Jonathan didn't rush through the lessons being taught.  I think if he had just been given some scripture references, a few questions and told to pray he would have done it all in one day.  But this study is written so that a young man can learn how to effectively study the Bible.  It doesn't give just one way to study the Bible though, it gives several ways so that they can be applied as the student grows up and studies on his own.

So the week after we got back from camp, we had Because You are Strong waiting for us to work on.  I am by no means a helicopter parent, but I did sit with Jonathan (11yrs old) the first week to be sure he was working through the book correctly. 

I love how there is a little guide on how to use the book as a devotional study.  I think that it is an important skill to be able to study your Bible.  One that can be lacking today.  The questions that were asked definitely caused Jonathan to think about the passage he read. 

Jonathan liked being able to highlight his Bible with different colors.  That is something that this guide teaches as part of the study process.  I asked him why he liked that and he said that it was because with the different colors he could remember what they were talking about for that passage. 

From my own experience with the online Doorpost studies, they do the same thing.  I too see the appeal in using different colors to highlight different aspects of the passage.

We are now about half-way through the study. Jonathan is really picking up on things and seeing how everything is interlaced together.

The one thing I will say is that you will definitely want to have the recommended materials it lists.  Nave's Topical Bible and Strong's Exhaustive Concordance.  These are great tools.  The first week we just used the internet.  And that worked ok, but having the physical books is even better.

This study includes memorization, review and application, questions and even some summarization.  These methods have really helped Jonathan to understand what he is reading.  I have had to help him a few times by asking more direct questions, but he has been very quick to respond.  I think that by the end of this study he will have a better grasp on how to use the strength that God has given him.   He will also know how to effectively use the skills learned in this book to do his own studies of the Bible.

Because You are Strong is available here for $14.00.  Currently though it is on sale for $12.00.  I am not sure how long this deal will be going on but this book is well put together and will be a great asset to your young man.


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