Monday, August 5, 2013

Family Camp

Growing up, our family vacations consisted of going to visit family in Tennessee or Florida (if we made it that far).  I also was able to go on several youth trips with our church.  My biggest vacation was the trip to Israel in 1999.  I was 18 and had just graduated high school.  That was an awesome trip!

So earlier this year a good friend of mine asked me if I would be interested in being the Children's Director.  I let her know that I would want to pray on it and also talk to my husband to see if he could get the time off.  All of which worked out. 

If you were to ask me if I would enjoy a week with out air conditioning, minimal electronic devices and the potential risk of sighting spiders, I would have probably said no.  But after a week of seeing our kids play outside, make new friends, experience new things, new changes I wouldn't change that we went for anything.

We shared a 1-room cabin with a small toilet area.  It was maybe 600 sq. ft. but all we needed for our family.  I actually enjoyed the simplicity of it all.  Everyone sleeping in one room and the kids actually got along pretty well in such close quarters. 

We walked from our cabin to the cafeteria and showers (all in the same building) and also walked to any of the class locations and church time.

The day began with a wake-up bell, then prayer time at the tabernacle area.  Breakfast was next then a small break and the morning gathering and dismissal to classes.  Lunch, free time again, then afternoon activities.  Small break, then dinner, small break and then Evening Service. 

Cordelia decided this was the week to go through separation anxiety and so I didn't really get to participate in many of the evening Service.  :(  I was kind of bummed about that.  I really wanted to hear what Pastor Jay had to say.  Even with growing up in church, I still find it like another home.  One of the safest places for me to be.

After the evening service there was a schedule event (family movie, kids movie, bonfire and such) planned.  Sometimes we made it, sometimes not.  The kids were getting run ragged every day just by playing.  They even got blisters on their toes from the sandals.  Their poor feet were just not used to wearing shoes all the time.  So, I ran home and picked up their tennis shoes and socks.  That made things so much better.

I was grateful for one of the services that I was at least able to attend the worship portion.  The worship leader, Jason, did one of the songs from Petra. 

I remember singing this song as a young child and teen.  Music has always been a way for me to worship the Lord.  I love being able to express my love for Him through song.  He gave me my voice, so I should use it to praise and worship Him.  I was so grateful to be able to attend that service. 

The kids in my class really enjoyed the Armor Of God activities we did.  They were fairly good at participating as well.  I tried my hardest to relate to them by sharing stories from my past that applied to the piece of armor we were learning about that day.  I think today that children may think we don't know the things that they go through on a daily basis.  I don't have to be a best friend, but I think it is important to let them know we were there once.  It may have been a while back but it definitely happened.

I loved being able to see the kids I was teaching on the camp grounds and say hi and they would say hi back.  It got to the point where they were saying hi to me first.  They were such blessings to me that week.  I just pray that the seeds planted take root and help these young children grow. 

We were so blessed to be able to be there and I would definitely do it again in a heart beat. 

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