Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blogging through the Alphabet - Q is for Quiet

It's not often that there is quiet in the house.  I mean, seriously, we have 4 kids.  Three of them are boys.  They are loud!  The baby girl is learning to be assertive in her own way. Then we have the dog.  All boy Australian Shepherd.  He is a nut and very protective of the kids.

We also live so close to a major route that I can hear the truckers as they drive at night.  I have gotten accustomed to this for the most part.  But what does disturb me is the person who drives on our road with their bass going between 2 & 3 am in the morning waking up the baby.  I notice it almost every time.  No sense of courtesy for others who are sleeping.

Some days I long to live in a house where there is hardly anyone around neighbor wise.  Land!  Kind of reminds me of the movie Far & Away where they race for plots of land.  Oh to live on land and be able to have some quiet. 

When I was living in Tennessee, my parents built a log cabin.  It was at the end of a road and in the middle of the woods.  We did have neighbors but they were often visiting their grandkids or out doing their own thing.  It was quiet. 

Well until the dog would bark at the occasional animal (squirrel, mouse, raccoon, rabbit, bear).  It was quiet.  We would sit on the front porch in the swing and just enjoy nature.  We would walk through the woods barefoot.  Yes...I know.  Snakes, sticks, creepy crawlers...yeah...I don't know HOW I did that!  I get antsy now just walking barefoot in the grass.  lol!  But we have deer here and well they don't clean up after themselves.

My mom had a clawfoot bathtub that she fully restored in that house.  I would go up to her bathroom and take these long quiet baths.  Oh it was so nice.  I would also read for hours on end.  Often finishing books in a day (150-200 pages)

Do I miss the quiet, occasionally.  But I would miss my kids even more.  I love them so much and I love how they love me in return.  The hugs, the kisses, the snuggling, playing together and everything in between.  Does it get loud, yes, but sometimes loud is good. 

Loud is good when we blast Christmas music (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) and dance in the house like crazy people.  Loud is when we play board games with each other.  Loud is when we go outside to play.  Loud is blasting music in the car and singing at the top of our lungs. 

Quiet is reading together.  Quiet is doing devotions in the morning.  Quiet is napping.  Quiet is snuggling together on the couch.  Quiet is holding my babies when they are sick and letting them know I am there for them.  Quiet is listening for God's voice.  Quiet is building with legos.  (well that one is mostly quiet)

Quiet is good but so is Loud.  It means my house is full of love. 

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