Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blogging through the Alphabet - R is for Rest

Sometimes life is stressful.  Sometimes you get burned out.  What do you do as a homeschool mom (or dad) who feels stressed, burned out, or even burdened by homeschooling?  You REST! 

Now I don't mean you sleep or anything like that, but you take a break.  Keeping up with schooling can often times be challenging.  Especially when there are doctors appointments, illnesses, life events, unexpected surprised that come your way. 

Sometimes it is necessary to take a "rest" or break from homeschooling and just spend time with each other.  Do fun things.  Go on hikes, explore the backyard, fieldtrips to the museums and more things than you can think of doing.

When I take a break with our kids it is sometimes needed.  But most of the time when we make it to our scheduled breaks.  If we don't, I realize that I may be pressing too hard and need to take a step back.  Let life happen.  Kids learn through life as well.  After all, we are preparing them for LIFE!  Not some academic test.  (though those are necessary sometimes)

So don't be afraid to take that "rest" from homeschooling and come back to it.  You will find yourself refreshed and ready to tackle the things you want to do with your children and not be so stressed out about it.

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