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Praying for Boys - {REVIEW} & Giveaway!

See these guys?  They are my boys & I love them fiercely!  This happens to be one of their goofy times that I was able to capture.  (actually had my camera close by for the shot!)  Often they are running loops around the living/dining/kitchen area chasing each other as they laugh hysterically and shriek at the top of their lungs.  Life is not very quiet in our house. 

My journey as a mom to boys began 12 years ago.  I had been married 10 months when Jonathan arrived.  Motherhood brought new challenges:  breastfeeding, sleepless nights, diaper changing around the clock, food allergies, eczema, and baby weight gain issues.  To make matters worse I was 600 miles from the place I had called home for 20 years.

I was scared, naive in many ways, and had no clue what it really takes to be a mom.  Sure I had babysat many times, but that is NOTHING compared to the 24/7 job of motherhood.

With each day I knew that God had given me a gift.  This precious gift needed to be nurtured, loved, pruned and guided daily.  I was lost.  Parenting books gave some help on how to do that but nothing really covered the prayer aspect that I was craving.  That was when I discovered The MOB Society and Brooke McGlothlin!  She had just written an ebook called Warrior Prayers and I participated in the challenge at the time which was praying for our son(s). 

We had just confirmed our 2nd pregnancy and guess what?  It was another boy!  The timing was perfect really.  I began the Warrior Prayers challenge and followed it fairly closely.  Being pregnant made this challenging and I was working full time as well.  But I took the time to do it because I know how important it is to pray for our boys.

Praying for Boys is the full realization of what began as Warrior Prayers.  Brooke had been wanting to add more to the book and got to do so and have it published by Bethany House Publishers. 

Let me tell you, reading through this has been such a blessing.  It is the book that makes you laugh, cry, knod your head in agreement and let you know that you are not alone in your journey. 

As I read the beginning part of the book, I felt like I was sitting and talking to a good friend.  A friend who was going through similar struggles as me.  Being a mom sure isn't easy.  Being a mom of boys adds a whole other level to the game.

They are loud, messy, rarely if ever sit still and sometimes you want to pull your hair out!  So how do you pray for these wild and crazy boys you love with all your heart?

As Brooke shares her story of how she came to write Praying for Boys she provides the perfect combination of encouragement and the easy to follow way to pray for your boys.

Whether it's specific boy character traits, the fruits of the spirit (couldn't we all use some more peace from our boys?) or just simple prayers, Brooke guides you through that. 

She includes scripture references for every prayer!   I love having them available.  The last part of the book is so nice because you don't have to follow it in order.  You can choose whatever you would like to pray for your boys, and there are enough different topics to pray for each day/week/month or even hour!  The prayers are simple and powerful.

I know I can tell a difference when I pray for each of our sons.  There are traits that we talk about with them that we often don't see come to fruition for a while.  So it is important to continue the talk while praying with God.  He does hear them and he knows we love our sons so very much. 

Praying for our boys is so important!  Today I think this is something that is too often forgotten due to the busyness of life.  Making time for prayer is so important and a key to parenting. 

Praying for Boys will give you a way to do that without feeling overwhelmed.  It is easy to follow and a beautiful way to talk to God about your boys.  I am more than glad to pray to God to provide guidance in raising my boys to be men of character, honor, justice, patience, and peace.

You can purchase Praying for Boys online at AmazonBarnes and Noble and other Online Retailers.

I have also been authorized to do a Giveaway for a Paperback of Praying for Boys! 
To Enter: Comment Below with 1 thing you love about your boys and 1 thing that drives you insane.  Winner will be chose on February 1st, 2013. 

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