Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Smart Money Smart Kids

Many of you may have seen my prior posts about how we are using Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University to become debt free and have better control of our finances.  We are still plugging on that journey and are so thankful for everything we have learned during FPU! 

But it can't just stop there.  It has to continue with educating our children about how to use money properly and have control over it instead of it controlling us! 

Right now I am reading Dave Ramsey & Rachel Cruze's (Dave's daughter) new book called Smart Money Smart Kids as part of the Launch Team.  I must say that I am LOVING what I am reading.  It resonates with how my husband and I want to train our children.  We don't want them falling into the same traps that we did with money and so we want to help them understand how to handle their relationship with money.

Both our parents had different mind sets on how to teach us about money and financial responsibility.  And that unfortunately led into some traps early on in our marriage.  We made some mistakes and we don't want our children to duplicate them.  Now we know that we can't keep our children from making mistakes, but hopefully by training them up the right way, they will be less likely to make them. 

Look for more posts about Dave & Rachel's book.  If you want to get in on a GREAT deal, there is a pre-buy where you can get over $50 in free products.  Whether you pre-buy from the Smart Money Smart Kids Launch page or from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or other bookstore, if you have your receipt information you can send that to get the $50 in free gifts!  Take a look over at the Smart Money Smart Kids website!

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