Tuesday, April 1, 2014

We are MOVING!

Well, this is something that we weren't quite expecting to happen this year. However, on January 15 my husband found out that because of the merger between the company and another that he was being let go.  Too many duplicate positions.  But he was being placed on a redeployment list (internal applications get looked at before external applications).

So Darren (hubby) started job hunting.  We made the decision to try and stay with the company if we could because they have great benefits, good pay and are pretty good to their employees overall.  Stuff just happens when mergers take place.  We just weren't expecting it so soon.

We also made the decision to not limit our options and also look out of state.  The company has offices in Tulsa and Houston and Darren applied for jobs in both places.

We heard from Tulsa first at the end of February and he interviewed.  He felt the interview went well.  But we didn't hear anything for nearly two weeks. 

March came and we didn't hear anything.  Then Darren interviewed for a position here in Pittsburgh.  That too went well and we would know within a week because they really wanted to hire someone.   Or so they thought.  Also, they were re-hiring for his position as well...(go figure on that one) 

Eventually the Pennsylvania positions were pulled for reevaluation.  That same day Darren got a call about the job in Tulsa.  They wanted to hire him!  Well of course a 24 hour prayer time was needed.  Financially it would be a big hit and not necessarily something we were totally prepared for.  But God was prepared! 

God has been so faithful in providing things.  From the finances to housing and everything in between, He has been faithful.  These past 3 months have been so stressful but God has never left our side. 

We have been so blessed also with friends who live in the Tulsa area who have been so kind to go look at houses since we are in PA until the move.

I can't leave out my PA friends (though some are more like family) & family.  Between watching our kids so we can pack, bringing us boxes, praying for us, providing a meal or just being there for us to talk to.  We are so blessed by our PA friends/family. 

Another group of people we will be missing is our Church family.  We started going to Riverside Community Church when our 2nd son was born.  They welcomed us with open arms and these past 7 years have been awesome.  Riverside is an extension of our family and we will miss everyone there.  The relationships made there will be missed greatly. 

So when might all this be happening?  We move April 7th as Darren has to be at his new job on the 14th. 

Pennsylvania will always hold a special place in our hearts.  It is where our 4 children have been born and raised.  My husband grew up here and brought me to his home.  The past 13 years have been an adventure and we are looking forward to our new adventure in Oklahoma!

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